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Glycerite Formulas- Stock as of 8/9/19-
I am out or low in several remedies right now:
Headache Relief & Anti-Viral-These should be done by September, mid. 

I have all the rest right now!


I specialize in ALCOHOL-FREE glycerine based herbal formulas. I sell primarily 1 ounce bottles but I can make larger amounts on special order for people who want them.  I can make 2 or more ounces for special order and a few more dollars an ounce for small batches of special mixtures/recipes. 

The benefits of glycerine vs. alcohol would be:
1) Safe for Children
2) Safe for people in recovery/alcoholics
3) People with liver problems and diabetes as
there is a very low glycemic index for glycerine.
4) It tastes better which makes taking your remedy easier,
more enjoyable!~
These are my current formulas now, there will be a few more coming in time and I can always make a custom formula for someone who knows what they want, especially for other practitioners.  Just ask!

What is Glycerine?

Why Glycerine instead of alcohol?

The Benefits of Glycerine.

Immune Support:
Allergy Relief is designed to help support your immune system by modulating it or regulating it from overreacting to every stimuli perceived as an allergen such as pollen and dust.  It will help soothe inflamed sinuses and bronchial airways as well as bring down inflammation and calm the histamine response, hopefully reducing allergy symptoms.  

Anti-Viral is designed to help support you through illnesses and viral infections but is safe for people with auto-immune illnesses because it does NOT directly stimulate your immune system.  Anti-Viral simply and yet directly provides powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbs to help you stay strong in the face of illness.  

Second Immunity is designed to help boost your acquired immune system (second) whenever you're feeling wiped out or tired or vulnerable to infection.  It's the first HIT against illness to wake your body up!  It's great to take at the beginning of the 'grip' that starts in your throat by stimulating surface immune cells to fight off infection!  

Wet Cough is designed to help infected and mucousy coughs with anti-viral and astringent herbs.  It also has anti-spasmodic herbs to help stop coughing. 
Dry Cough is designed to help sooth an irritated spasmy yet unproductive cough where the body is almost hot and dry and easily triggered to cough.

Immune Remedies


Pain Relief:

Nerve Ease is one my best remedies for it's sheer uniqueness and ability to relieve odd nerve and body pain in the 'myalgic' category by calming out a rippled nervous system. 

Headache Relief+ (formerly confusingly known as Migratory Pain Relief & Detox) is designed to help relieve headaches and general pain along with providing some detox herbs to help break up the pain response from a congested liver (dandelion/turmeric). 

Fussy Gut Relief is a unique and truly effective remedy for gut pain, discomfort and heartburn and stomach pain as well.  

Cramp Ease is great relieving tough deep cramps and soothing the lower realm of a woman's body.  
Pain Relief

Herbal Glycerine Remedies


Brain Gain is designed to help bring blood to the brain, clear up fogginess and bring clarity to thinking and focus.  

Obviously not much is needed to explain this one but hopefully it helps women feel more interested in and physically and emotionally ready for sexual activity.  


Stress Relief:

Relax is designed to calm stress and anxiety attacks as well as support the nervous system throughout the day without knocking you out.  I believe and have seen it also work with PTSD symptoms as well during an acute attack.  It works fast the more stressed a person is.  

Wild Lettuce was used as a cheap alternative to Opium in the 1900's when Opium was scarce BUT it is NOT strong or nearly as sedating as Opium.  Many people are getting that idea and it's nowhere near Opium.  It can however help with nerve pain, stress, respiratory distress and sleep issues depending on how much you take.  
*Due to the popularity of my Wild Lettuce as of late coupled with the fact that I am a VERY small manufacturer making small batches and have 8 stores, I am temporarily putting a limit on the amount of bottles online customers can buy at a time every few months otherwise I run out of bottles   
Sorry for this inconvenience but I'm doing my best to keep up with growing demand as this herb gets introduced more into the population and discovered. I am grateful for the support and glad people enjoy my remedy!  I will be adjusting my production to accommodate this increase in demand. 
When in stock, please don't order more than 3 at a time online until a few months has gone by since your last order.  Thanks for understanding.  :)


Sleep Aids:

Gentle Sleep is just that.  A gentle sleep remedy. 

Painless Sleep is a sleep remedy with pain relievers and analgesics designed to help sooth back and body pain so you can sleep. 

Stress & Sleep Support

Herbal Glycerine Remedies


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