Wednesday, September 18, 2013

~New Remedy~

Announcing an exciting new remedy that will be ready in one month at the farmer's market, online and hopefully in stores=
An Alcohol-Free herbal women's libido formula!!

Let's hope this works because if it does....FINALLY women will have an herbal aide in their corner that can help effectively stimulate their libidos naturally and gently.  I know there are other formulas out there but so far nothing has stood out above the rest as super effective so I'm giving it a shot.  Although a tasty feast followed by an amazing conversation PLUS a good backrub and doing the dishes really helps raise the roof on the libido....
But at this point, it's all I got here at The Sultry Gypsy!! Try it and give feedback in short! ;)


Muira Puama is a South American herb that helps tonify the sexual organs AND the nervous system as well as brings blood flow to the genital areas, thereby increasing sensation and nerve sensitivity. Source for Muira Puama
Shatavari in an Indian herb that acts as a demulcent to help the body make moisture so as to prevent dryness, especially and ideally vaginally.  It also helps balance the hormones and supports female reproductive organs. Source for Shatavari
Horny Goat Weed.  Enough said but still, it does help to relax smooth muscle movements and relax the mind and body as well calm the nervous system. Source for Horny Goat Weed
Damiana is a Mexican herb that tonifies and supports women's sexual organs and supposedly, helps with orgasm by increasing oxygen to the lower regions, thereby also helping with digestion! Source for Damiana
Nettles helps keep circulating Testosterone IN the system longer thereby directly supporting the libido. Source for Nettle
Passionflower is a soothing nervine that supports and tones the nervous system which can be great for relaxing tension and stress in people thereby helping to quell any tension that precedes sexual encounters.  It also contains Chrysin which helps prevent the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen thereby dampening the moods for both men and women, although this formula is designed for women it can be used by either sex. Source for Passionflower
Gingko Biloba helps all over circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, aiding in memory, focus and naturally helping to bring blood flow to the sexual organs as well. Source for Gingko
American Ginseng helps with stamina and energy as well as increases the libido by way of the hypothalamus. Source for American Ginseng
Eleuthero (formerly knowns as Siberian Ginseng but isn't a Ginseng) helps with stamina and energy. It's known as an adaptogen which helps the body combat stress and fatigue. Source for Eleuthero
And lastly, Chocolate or Cacao Nibs (without sugar) are added because really....chocolate makes EVERYTHING better as well increases endorphins (the feel good neurotransmitters) and that alone is an aphrodisiac in itself!

Hope it helps :)

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