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*I currently only make the Rose & Cedar body butter for Good Earth in Fairfax/Tam Valley in Marin County.  You can always email me direct if you want to see if I happen to have some on hand and I will sell you 1 if I do.  Otherwise it would be only available at those stores.  Sorry about this.  I am considering bringing it back but it's labor intensive.  If I had interest from many people I would consider doing this.  Thank you-

Body Butter~
This super rich moisturizing and healing body butter contains only natural gentle ingredients like Shea & Cocoa Butters, Avocado, Olive w/Calendula& Comfrey, (the current version for sale does not contain almond oil but may in the future).  Using only  natural preservatives it's meant to be used up within 6-12 months. I call it 'Winter Skin' because a little goes a long way to super moisturize and keep skin protected from the elements.



Winter Skin-Body Butter

I am out of Lip Balm and will have to make a new batch. So they are unavailable as of 11/01/20-Will post when I have that new batch. Sorry.  If you got a bunk one let me know and I'll refund it or if you did get a refund from the store you bought it from. Thanks~Danya


Everyone is always looking for that perfect lip balm, well I'm no different.  I spent some time designing this hoping it becomes what I am always after in a lip protector, moisturizer and with a slight tint because some people like myself don't always want to wear lipstick.  I hope it works well for customers too.

Lip Balm

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