Monday, January 6, 2014

~Suggested Dosing~

Hello Folks and Happy New Year! Hopefully you've avoided that dreaded sinus cold going around the entire country this past week.

I wanted to address dosing.  Many of you ask when purchasing one of my remedies, 'how much do I take?' And what I usually say is, 'Everyone is different so you need to find out what your threshold is, what works for you. Start small and build up if you need more.'  But still, that is vague.
I am realizing that based on the fact that I am a new business, working things out as I go and NOT being a doctor or a medical practitioner, I have been very conservative with my dosing suggestions.  It's how I prefer to work, with everything.  But I realize that many if not all of my remedies being as gentle as they are, could be increased by a lot more than I am recommending for most people, except for those who are very sensitive and for children which would get a much smaller dose.

So the next time you are in pain or sleepy or cramping or fighting a cold, try a 1/4 to a 1/2 of a dropper full.  If you figure out that that's not enough, next time try a whole dropper full and repeat (when applicable).  But more than likely, it will be enough.  Again it depends on your system and the remedy but know that they can be increased by more than what I've written on the bottles.  Everything I do is on the conservative side, including my expiration dates which are shorter than most glycerites (2 years standard).  That is because I don't want to take any chances with a remedy going bad, so I keep my dates short.

For now in regards to dosing suggestions…start small and build up, esp. with the pain relievers and immune support.  A little more will only help! For stress & sleep aids, start small and build up but find your threshold because once you find what works, there is no need to take more and waste it.

Cheers and be well :)

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