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I have been attracted to natural and plant medicine for a long time, not really realizing I would end up here, making it myself.  Even though I had this deep intuitive feeling I would, I just thought it was out of my realm when I was younger and only through a series of life altering experiences, have I been led here to start my own company.

My mother got our family into Homeopathy in 1982 before it had become mainstream (again) because she grew disillusioned by allopathic medicine. Having grown up in the SF/Bay Area over the last 40 years....I have been exposed to alternative ways of healing and living, including herbal medicine.

I began studying nutrition at Bauman College in 2006 after working at a vitamin department of a local grocery store.  I then moved onto Elephant Pharmacy in 2008 working in the vitamin department there where I was exposed to and got the opportunity to work in an herbal pharmacy and loved it!!  I decided then to formally study herbal medicine and medicine making at California School for Herbal Studies in Forestville  http://www.cshs.com/  in 2010.  It was there that I decided to create my own formulas and bodycare because beyond believing in and using natural medicine,  a health crises was forcing me to reinvent myself.  I needed to find something I could feel good about, something I cared about and could possibly do for the rest of my life that wouldn't hurt my body as it was becoming harder and harder to support myself as my health declined.  Everything in my life was turned upside down as a result of this. I didn't think I would pull out of it but creating herbal medicine fit perfectly for so many reasons and thus, became a life saving endeavor that is helping me rebuild my life.
I don't purport to know everything or even close, knowing there is SO much to learn and I have only just begun to truly explore the world of western herbalism.  Nevertheless, I have always felt some kind of connection to earth based medicines.  So with good practical instincts combined with my life's experience and my health issues that give me insight into how they manifest and function, I felt driven to create my own work to share with people.
I wanted to created a line of Alcohol-Free Remedies that not only tasted good and were free from the harshness of alcohol, but also strong in their potency. I have previously found many Glycerites inadequate in terms of efficacy and strength but have also grown tired of the alcohol based remedies because of their harshness. There are quite a number of people in the population that either cannot or do not consume alcohol and I feel there should be concentrated herbal formulas as an option and not just singular herbs.  I really hope my remedies can help provide that option and help people!


In addition to my herbal adventures, I love making things, creating from scratch. Having studied the arts (ceramics, jewelry, photography/sculpture, drawing/painting, dance, filmmaking, screenwriting etc etc...) for many years including getting my degree in photography and sculpture.  So this is just another extension of that creative force.

'Necessity IS the mother of invention'    
That expression is so true and something I've experienced firsthand!  Out of necessity creativity grows as well…. it is now alive and growing.  It is all quite exciting and just the beginning of many things to come!!

Thank you for visiting and supporting my page and work.  I hope everyone gets something out of my products.  It really does mean a lot to me when I can provide relief or healing to someone in need through what I create.
This will not be my only creative endeavor and hope to get back into the arts very soon, especially photography & filmmaking, my ultimate dream!


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