Here are a list of frequently asked questions…I will compile and answer more as I gather more from customers!  If you have one, send it to my email: msdamiana@gmail.com….and I will try and best answer it! Cheers :)

Can I sell your products without asking you first?

NO. I have had one person that I know of sell my products not only without my permission but she doubled the price without asking or notifying me whatsoever. I  am a very fair person who tries to keep her prices affordable and selling them at double felt like a violation of privacy and trust.
However, I am open to those who are interested in selling my products WITH my permission.  If this is something you are interested in, let me know and we can discuss this. Otherwise please DO NOT sell my products without my permission or knowledge, especially for double the price.  If someone is doubling them or close to it, that feels as though they are taking advantage of my generosity and interested customers.
Thank you!

How many drops should I take?  

What I tell everyone is, beyond the suggested dose, find what works for you as an individual.  Everyone is different and reacts to everything differently…therefore, we all have to find what works for us.  So start small on a remedy and build up.  It's easier to add more than take away or stop the processes of an herb once you've started.  Once you find a comfortable place, you will know your body's threshold of what works and what doesn't.

If you want a bit more in depth suggestion for dosing, check out this post I wrote awhile back:
Link For Suggested Dosing?

What source is your glycerine from?

Palm and/or Coconut.  Right now I'm using Palm glycerine.  I don't like or use Soy as it's hard to digest and can interfere with hormones and the thyroid.
Link @Soy's affect on reproductive hormones
Link to article about Soy's effect on the Thyroid.

I've heard about Palm oil being sourced from endangered and unsustainably harvested forests that cause a LOT of environmental damage.  These same sources also end up killing or hurting a lot of Orangutan primates.  Is your Palm glycerine sustainably sourced?  

YES!! I found a great source from Azure Standard that gets it's Palm glycerine from a sustainable source that has a CERTIFICATE issued from the RSPO (roundtable on sustainable Palm oil).
Here is our certificate!!
This is great news that can't get any better than say…me owning a Palm field where I could watch over things ;)  So until that happens….this is a great place to start.  And it tastes good too!
For RSPO Information & Website Click Here

In addition to that, the RSPO has a lot of great information on their site that explains the reason why just boycotting or stopping use of Palm oil would not be a good idea and all those reasons; That it would have a negative effect on millions of people around the world, including workers who harvest the plant.

What is glycerine? 

This man explains it a LOT better than I could…so read his site.
>For Global Healing Center explanation for Glycerine Click Here

Is glycerine safe for consumption? 

Yes.  It is often used in soaps and bodycare products as well as suppositories, syrups, toothpastes and diabetic food that needs a sweetener that won't increase blood sugar.  That's another thing…it has a VERY low glycemic affect on blood sugar thereby making it safer to take for those with blood sugar issues.

How come you are using glycerine and not alcohol? 

Well first off….one of my main goals is to provide ALCOHOL-FREE remedies to the population for several reasons:  for the sober recovery population to have access to concentrated herbal formulas that contain NO drugs or alcohol; for children to also have the same access.  Then there are people who are sensitive to alcohol which can benefit from using these products and lastely, those of us who can consume alcohol but don't like to or cannot stand the taste of using alcohol based remedies.  Alcohol is hard on our systems and while it is popular to make herbal remedies in them and overall do not pose a threat to our systems, for some people who are deeply sick or have weak systems, alcohol simply depresses our immunity and strength further.  Glycerine doesn't.   I  have also found that some of the alcohol-free formulas or products on the markets to be weak and didn't work with me.  I wanted to make my formulas stronger so I didn't have to use as much.
So with that, I glean as much of the herbal constituents that I can from the plants and so far it's working great and I am able to produce very effective formulas.
Besides being Alcohol-Free, these remedies are ALSO Gluten and Soy free,  as many of the glycerine remedies out there are soy based and many of the alcohol remedies are from a gluten grain such as rye or barley.  So for people with multiple allergies or sensitivities, these remedies are very neutral and easy on the system making them very safe for people of almost all constitutions.

What are the main differences between using glycerine and alcohol based remedies?

Alcohol can pull constituents from herbs/plants/roots that are hard to obtain and have alkaloids such as rhodiola, goldenseal…as well some barks and roots are harder to infuse without alcohol.  But it is possible to extract those constituents with the right approach.
I use two methods for extraction which helps remove even more than just one method.  Therefore I am able to glean quite a bit of the herbal constituents that make those herbs effective at healing so in the end, there isn't much difference except they taste better, feel better going down and are just as effective, without the side effects of alcohol. Even if there are trace differences in these vs. alcohol tinctures, it's worth it.  For some, that matters.

Alcohol also goes into our systems quicker through our tongues, into our blood stream.  Glycerine has to be digested.  I have found though, as have my customers that there is very little time gap in the effectiveness of my remedies.  A few seconds or minutes to me isn't worth consuming something that doesn't make me feel good so with that, it's worth the wait.

Hope that is enough for now.  If you're on the fence, come down to one of my demos to try some out….you'll be pleasantly surprised at how strong yet gentle they are. Check the events page for demo times and dates :) Thank you~

Where do you source your herbs from?
I get most of my herbs DRIED from Mountain Rose Herbs because they have amazing quality herbs and have a great reputation in the herbal world.  When I am unable to find what I need I also goto Starwest Botanicals as they too have a good source for quality herbs.  I always use either ORGANIC and if I can't get Organic I get Ethically Wild-harvested or Wildcrafted. I occasionally use a few other sources that are reputable companies but mostly the above listed.

I get my glycerine from Azure Standard and have a certificate from the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) in Malaysia.  See above for more info.

I have certificates of insurance from Starwest and Mtn Rose which are whom I use most of the time.  I myself harvest the St. John's I use in my pain remedies and salve.  I'm not telling ya where I got it but it's a great unsprayed source ;) hehe….

I am insured myself and will furnish the certificate for anyone that wants.  If you are a buyer and need a copy with your name on as a recipient just ask and I will have one made up for you.

Do you use dry or fresh herbs or both and why?  

I primarily use dried herbs for the following reasons:
1) since I do not have the capacity yet to grow my own herbs in bulk and manage the details of that on top of doing everything else by myself, I use dried herbs from reputable sources.
2) Since I am unable to get everything I want all at once all fresh, I would have to use both fresh and dried in the same batch and feel not only is that more complicated but I instinctively feel that it would not be as reliable, potent and would leave more room for potential mold to grow due to water differences in dry and fresh herbs.  If I could get ALL fresh herbs ALL the time for every remedy recipe then I might use that but until then, I have found dried to be more than adequate and in fact, quite potent because of the two-part method of extraction I use which obtains strong remedies.
3) On that note….Chinese herbal medicine primarily uses dried herbs and they produce some of the most potent herbal formulas the world over.

:)  Thanks!

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