Thursday, April 9, 2020

Taking a week off to heal~

As of April 9th through April 18th, I'm taking this time off to recover from feeling ill myself and won't be making any deliveries or shipping anything at this time.  I have been making so many trips out to deliver product and work at my grocery store job that I have gotten sick a few times in small ways.  To prevent it from becoming something bigger, I'm taking this time off to recover and heal.

If you need anything and they have stock, check out the stores that carry my products: Good Earth (Fairfax & Tam Valley), Community Market (Santa Rosa & Sebastopol), Ukiah Co-Op, Trillium Herb in Ukiah (formerly Happy Herb) and Driver's Market.

If you need something from me, please try me after April 17th so I have time to heal.
Yes I take my own herbs (and Oscillococcinum-my goto for flus)  but exposing myself over has worn me down, plus some odd stuff is going around so it may be stronger that what we're. used to.  Thus I rest.  :). Be well and safe.

Thank you for understanding.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

During these times~March 2020

Greetings herbal fans,

Firstly I hope everyone out there is well and safe during this intensely tragic and challenging time dealing with a fierce virus around the world. It's surreal but it is real. So Please stay safe~
Secondly, I am still fulfilling small orders online as well as delivering/sending orders to my 7 store accounts.  Please check with them first and then me if you can.
(Good Earth(Fairfax&TamValley, Driver's Market, Community Market(Sebastopol&Santa Rosa), Ukiah Co-Op & Trillium Herb(formerly Happy Herb in Ukiah).

I so appreciate the support, the business and positive words coming from you about my products.  It means a lot!


Fussy Gut, Brain Gain, Cramp Ease, Wild Lettuce, Headache Relief+, Gentle Sleep, Relax, Nerve Ease and Women's Libido.
I am FULLY OUT of Painless Sleep. 

I have the following immune remedies but am sending a LOT of orders out so am limiting people to ONE of each immune item during Corona Virus and hopefully I will have them the moment you order.  Most of them do however goto stores and they should be limiting customers to one each.
Second Immunity, Anti-Viral, Dry Cough, Wet Cough & Allergy Relief.
I am making new batches of: pain salve (1&2oz), lip balm and rose/cedarwood body butter this weekend.

Be well, sleep well and love each other weller ;) Look after each other!

Happy Spring~In Stock!

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