Sunday, March 14, 2021

 Products In Stock as of 4/23/23 (wow it’s 2023?! Sounds like a sci-if movie~) 

I’m mid production right now and will have all remedies by end of April. Although I will be low on Relax but I do have them now!  I have some 1 & 2oz pain salves also. I am constantly making new body butter, just ask if I have any in stock. Cheers and thank you! :D  

I am OUT of lip balm due to a manufacturer's booboo (*me) so I have to make a new batch. 
I will be making more Rose & Cedarwood Body Butter soon! 
I have some Eastern Sweets & Savory Nettle.
Cheers and thanks for checking in~
Please Take Note of This Below>>>
FYI- Re: new PayPal policy>>If you buy anything that I don't have in stock and I have to refund you, I will lose the PayPal fee that I paid despite there being a reduction in the total where normally it would be refunded to me, they no longer do that.  So please take note of what I have in and out of stock on my website.  
Normally I make a note of it on my website what I have in stock so if someone does that without noticing and orders anyways, I will have to make up the difference when I refund you.  It's a small part of the PayPal fee system I am charged every time I make a sale. 
>>I will update my blog when I have new product in. Until then I'm out of the above.  Apologies.  Thank you :)
>>I will be making new body butter & lip balm SOON!! Check back...

Happy Spring~In Stock!

Hello Folks,  Hope y'all are enjoying this Spring and now SUMMER! Boom it hit so fast! Please take note of what's in stock as I cann...