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I'm looking for customer comments about my products.
If you'd like to leave a positive testimonial comment about your experience, please contact me at msdamiana@gmail.com.
If you have a complaint, also email me, I will address it :) Thx!- Danya

(Headache Relief+ (formerly known as Migratory Pain Relief & Detox)
I love Sultry Gypsy tinctures esp. that they are alcohol free.  I use the Migratory all the time and share it with friends as well.  IT WORKS!! 
-Amberlee C. 
(Nerve Ease)
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago. I also have debilitating migraines and severe anxiety/depression....I met Danya at the women's herbal symposium and bought my first bottle of nerve ease...it has changed my life. I  am now mostly migraine free, my aches are alot less, and my anxiety and depression is much improved. I found out that the longer I take it the better I become. I can tell the difference when I run out...so I know how much it's helping me.. I am proud to say I am now off all prescription drugs for over two years now. I also have to mention that I love the way it tastes, yummy without the alcohol ;)
Thanks for a superb one of a kind herbal remedy... ♡☆☆☆☆
-Cindy Cryderman
(Cramp Ease)

(Second Immunity)
"My seven year old son and I use Second Immunity.  
It has become a staple for the onset of a cold, flu or 
anytime a boost in immunity is needed.  I love that
The Sultry Gypsy glycerites are safe for kids, made 
with organic ingredients and produced with the highest
quality products, integrity and care."

-Dianna Van Eycke
(Painless Sleep) 
"I really like the Painless Sleep remedy. When I'm wired 
up and can't sleep, or when I wake up in the middle of 
the night and my mind is too busy, taking half a dropper 
full of the sleep remedy calms me down and helps me 
get back to sleep."

-Leslie Johnson :-)
(Pain Salve, Second Immunity & Anti-Viral) 
"I use the Sultry Gypsy Pain Salve for lower back ache.  It quickly soothes and when I apply it at night I wake up in the morning feeling much better.  I’ve also enjoyed relief when using it for thumb and wrist tendon and nerve pain.  I’m grateful for this easy to use and fast-acting remedy"
"The Second Immunity and Anti-Viral herbal remedies are part of my mainstay  regimen against winter colds and flu. Along with zinc and vitamin C, they are keeping me healthy and they taste delicious."
(Body Butter) 
"I use The Sultry Gypsy Coconut Lime Body Butter almost daily.  It has a wonderful intoxicating scent and a deep rich moisturizing texture."

-Lori Liederman 
(Ruby tinted lip balm)
"The color was a perfect hint of red that would go with any skintone and the balm melted into my lips and was very moisturizing. Smelled great as well!"

-Vibha Bhatia
(Anti-Viral & Second Immunity)
"I've been using the Anti-Viral and Immunity formulas for the past year or so and I love them!  First time I've been able to take these powerful herbs easily because the glycerine base masks the bitterness you usually taste but without causing any blood sugar rise.  Now that I've moved to a big city I need them more than ever.  So grateful to Danya for creating them!"

-Brianna Rose 
(Pain Salve & Fussy Gut) 
"I use the Sultry Gypsy Pain Salve for my thumb and wrist, especially when I am going to sleep. I rub it in for a minute or two, within minutes of lying down I no longer notice the the pain.  I find I don't have to use it as often as I used to.   Maybe adaptation or whatever?
"I've had irregular "stomach"  upset for a couple of years, without a clear diagnosis.  Maybe an ulcer.   If it occurs late at night, I have taken The Sultry Gypsy's Fussy Gut (formerly Gastro-Ease), and, not always, but most times the pain eases within a few minutes.  I'm glad I have it to rely on."

-Denis Mosgofian 
(Fussy Gut Relief) 
"Fussy Gut got me past an inexplicably rough patch in my digestion. It tastes good, has no negative side effects, and I plan to keep it in my cabinet just in case"

-Beth C. 
(General Comment
"Danya is a naturalist's dream come true… luxurious body butters that melt into your skin leaving it feeling wonderfully soft and nourished.
Some of my other favorite products are her little herbal bottles for self treatment of minor illnesses,and her herb/spice shakers filled with an impressive variety of flavors and aromas.
There really is something for everyone. Treat yourself or a friend to the gift of wellbeing. You deserve it and it will make their day!"

-Sarah Hawthorne Wellness Coach
(Fussy Gut
"The Sultry Gypsy’s “ Fussy Gut “ tincture really works, it gave me relief within minutes.  I gave it to a co-worker who had an upset stomach, same results.  Danya formulates great tasting herbs that work without the alcohol…."

-Bonnie Ronzio
Nutrition & Body Care Director
New Leaf Community Markets 

(Cramp Ease)
"One day at market, I had a cramp as usual. I don't like to take medicine, but natural remedy product from The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co.'s cramp reducer (Cramp Ease) helped me tremendously at work.  I have worst cramp front & back, so I strongly recommend their cramp reducer. Thankful for natural remedies."

-Mami Tomoda (fellow farmer's marketeer who sells gluten free, Japanense inspired dishes and snacks.)
(Nerve Ease) 
"Wow so great product.  I did have a unknow healt problem that give me chronic pain from morning till dawn.  Specialist prescribed me morphine…and I stop it after 2 days coz my brain and body was messed up but thank god and the spirit to bring me your nerve ease!!!  It's helps me a lot for the chronic pain"

-Hugo Lamontagne, St. Hyacinth Quebec. (I decided to keep it as it was even though there were grammatical mistakes, it's cute).  
(Relax, Fussy Gut & Nerve Ease) 
"I have been using Danya's handmade products for almost a year now. I deal with severe anxiety, and her "Relax" tincture never ceases to amaze me. It has taken me out of multiple panic attacks. I swear by it. I also deal with minor stomach problems. "Fussy Gut" is a game changer. Any time I have digestive problems, or even menstrual cramps for that matter, I ingest a little of her product and within 10 minutes I feel relief! I have even recommended Danya's products to my mother who struggles with arthritis. She uses "Nerve Ease" to relax her joints. She even stopped taking some of her expensive pharmaceutical medications and has never felt better. I am beyond grateful to have found The Sultry Gypsy Co. Danya's products have changed my life for the better. And my mother's life! She goes above and beyond for her customers. Not to mention- the products she offer taste DELICIOUS, unlike other tincture remedies. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Danya. So happy to be a loyal customer and supporter"

-Karissa Rheuby. 


  1. I ran into you at New Leaf in Santa Cruz a couple of weeks ago and bought the Relax tincture. I love it! Keeps me sailing happily through my days... I've just ordered the Inner Tornado and am really looking forward to trying it out, too! Cheers!

    1. Hi Coolspinsful! I'm so glad you are getting benefit from that formula, that's great to hear! It's definitely designed to help your nervous system as well as relax a person. Hope you like the Inner Tornado too!~


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