Herbal Food

Introducing the newest herbal food sprinkle, 'Eastern Sweets'.

With two types of Cinnamon (Verum/True & Lourarii) which are helpful for lowering blood sugar and cholesterol while adding a sweet taste without sugar!  Cardamom is helpful with digestive issues, gas and oral hygiene.  Nutmeg is antibacterial, good for digestion, mental clarity and oral hygiene as well.  Ginger is wonderful for lowering inflammation and bringing new circulation because of it's warming properties helpful in the repair of injuries and fighting Alzheimer's.  Tumeric is also great for fighting inflammation, Alheimer's and pain. Hawthorne is an excellent and yet gentle tonic for heart health, helping to prevent atherosclerosis by helping bring blood to the heart and maintain muscle movement.
All of these herbs together create a tasty NON-sugar food sweetener, flavorer that simultaneously provide help for your cardio-vascular system.  How fun is that!
~$8.00 for 4oz.

Get Your Herbal Healing Through Your Diet!

This Nettle & Dill Herbal Sprinkle combines both savory spices with herbal plants to add nutrients to your diet.  It is full of minerals thanks to Nettles and Nori Seaweed.  The Sesame seeds and sea salt give it some added crunch and the Ginger powder gives it a fruity, kinda spicy flavor.  The Dill gives it a classic herbal flavor great on Spaghetti and fish.  It's great on just about anything be it crepe's, salad, bagel and any kind of cream cheese, soup and so much more.  It's low in salt and yet has enough to bring out more flavor.  
 ~$7 for 4oz.

This Relax tea is based on the glycerine remedy I've created but without St. John's Wort and added to it is Rose Hips, Chamomile & Peppermint for both flavor and additional relaxing herbs.  Besides tasting good, the ritual of making and enjoying tea will enhance the desire to be relax on top of the nervines in the tea that help support and tone the nervous system, thereby calming the person.  Tea tin included and can be refilled for just the price of the tea afterwards.

~$10.00 for the entire tin with tea.
~$8.00 for the tea refill of 2.8grams (to fill tea tin).

*There is a LOT of tea in these tins, one may only need to use one small strainer for desired affects.

Herbal Food Sprinkles!

Fire Cidre®2014-
 My version of Rosemary Gladstar's famous Fire Cider that has been made by her and 100k's of herbalists and healers for 30+ years. 
Take Apple Cider Vinegar and add to your liking any of the following:

apple cider vinegar
any kind of hot pepper (jalapeƱo, habanero, bonnet etc)
onions (some people do and don't like them, I prefer none)

but then you can add depending on the direction you want the cidre to take the person's body into say heating for fighting bacteria, circulation mover, bile mover, liver soother, anti-inflammatory etc. -

maple syrup
other herbs even Ayurvedic herbs. 


  1. How do I order the Herb sprinkle?

    1. Hi Skip,
      Sorry about that…there's a link now :) Thank you! D

  2. Hi
    I love your Eastern Sweets blend.
    Do you have a schedule of places that you will be in the next few weeks?

    1. Hi M.
      Well I will be at Sebastopol Community Market demoing these two sprinkles this Friday March 13th from 4-6pm.
      I just had them put in there. Otherwise I have no other demos scheduled. Normally I post when I will be somewhere both in the main page and on Events & Demos, but of course one can always ask me :) I'm so glad you like the blend. Cheers. Danya


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