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Hello Folks…here's what's brewing in ye ole herb lab~!

Brain Gain

Fussy Gut Relief

Second Immunity



Been awhile since I've shared any 'Behind the Scenes Photos'.  So today on this auspicious day, my birthday, I'm adding some more. :)

                                                  The Herb Room~

St. John's Wort Soaking in Olive Oil!  

                                                        Pure Beauty!!

                                        Liquid Gold…or Ruby rather ;) ~

Ps. A note about the different colors that evolve from soaking St. John's Wort in Olive oil.  The ruby red has to do with soaking it when the plant was fresh vs. dry.  St. John's Wort is a small cluster of yellow flowers that when crushed, stain the fingers a deep reddish purple.  So naturally when you soak the flowers in oil when fresh and then put in the sun for a little while, the heat helps release the constituents that create that color.  It's also great to get it when it's fresh and so full of potency!  Nevertheless, using dry herb is also effective at gleaning the properties that help with nerve pain and inflammation also.  I will use fresh when I have the opportunity or combine the two oils to make the perfect oil!

Final Products!

Check out the photos of behind the scenes making the products!

Making My Super Soothing Pain Salve-

Making Super Rich Body Butter

New Product-Herbal Food Sprinkles! 


  1. Love what you are doing here Danya!!! Great achievements! ~Cathy, Crista's mom :)

    1. Thank you for the support Cat!! Glad you like the products. :)


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