Saturday, November 4, 2023

10th Year Anniversary in Stores~Sale to Celebrate!

Hello Folks! Happy Fall 

Ever typical of me, late late late...

The 10th year anniversary of my business getting into it's first stores, Good Earth, was January of 2013. I had been in two Marin County Farmers Markets previously in 2012.  

So I'm celebrating this December by having a 20% sale at the following stores and online with me! 

I want to continue growing but at the moment in a small space with some energy limitations, I am content & grateful where I am but hopefully in the future, will continue to grow. I have more remedies, spices & bodycare items to introduce!~

Community Market in Sebastopol & Santa Rosa-

Community Markets!~

Good Earth in Fairfax & Tam Valley (Mill Valley)

Good Earth Markets~!

Driver's Market in Sausalito.  

Driver's Market~!

Ukiah Co-Op

Ukiah Co-Op

Thank you SOOO much for supporting & believing in my work over the last 10th years! Gulp, where did the time go?! 

Cheers and wishing everyone real healing~


Here I am with one of my new kitties, Monkey. The orange is brother, Tommy Mango...both love bugs! Lucky me. Minus the mild cat allergy which is why the dark circles under my eyes are back! 

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