Thursday, December 24, 2015

Winter Rest & Restore~

Greetings Folks,

Wishing everyone a truly calm and restorative winter with a touch of passion thrown in there for vitality!  Whether you share it with yourself or another, enjoy your inner fire in whatever way stokes it.  I have decided to honor passion in life regardless of whether or not I am always with someone or in the right place at the right time, or in the midst of a red-hot dance, it's still there and beckoning to be felt madly. So I'm embarking on a journey to honor my passion in various ways through dance, poetry-( per usual ), travel, creativity in the arts, film and whatever else comes up as often as I can.
As for the business...
Thank you for supporting my work and product line!!!  I am very honored to have been trusted to help people feel better when they take my products. It really is a thrill to know that something I've created is actually helping people feel better! Wow is all I can say, still.

It's been a full 3 years since I've launched my business publicly and I'm still going strong even though I'm down 3 store accounts; They either closed due to store closings or low sales. I'm actually not that bothered by it and in fact a little relieved because they were out of the way and difficult to traverse to for demos. I will be getting into one more great account in March so I think it will all work out!
I've been told it's not common for many new small businesses to make it past year two, so I think I'm doing alright by myself!

With that said, it's been a SUPER busy year so I'm making all new batches that will be ready in late January and then taking some serious time off to recuperate, write, dance, walk in the woods and conjure up some serious creativity and passion for the future: Planting seeds if you will.
Mostly, I'll be resting until then.

Find someone or something to help keep your fire warm.
Read or write poetry ;)

Stay warm, but not so warm that you stop creating.

Oh...and Truly Happy New Year!

Monday, November 30, 2015

December Sales~!

Winter is finally here.  Phew...time to write and hibernate, stay warm.

The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. products are all on sale at the following stores for 25% off, our biggest yet. Come check them out, try them and feel better!~

:) Danya

Good Earth
720 Center Blvd. Fairfax, CA.

The following New Leaf Stores are on sale:
Westside SCruz- 1101 Fair Ave. SCruz, CA.
Capitola - 1210 41st Ave. Capitola, CA.
Half Moon Bay- 150 San Mateo Rd. Half Moon Bay, CA.
Evergreen/San Jose-5667 Silver Creek Valley Rd. San Jose, CA.
Pleasanton-355 Bernal Rd. Ste. 100, Pleasanton, CA.
Boulder Creek-13159 Central Ave. Boulder Creek, CA.
Downtown SCruz/Pacific-1134 Pacific Ave. SCruz, CA.

Check out this link for Demo times to come down and try them :)
Event's & Demos Link~

Monday, October 19, 2015

~FALL SALES, 2015~

~Coming up there will be sales at the following stores starting in NOVEMBER for 25% off~

Ukiah Co-Op. 721 S. State St. Ukiah, CA. 95482

Sonoma Market-500 West Napa St. Ste550. Sonoma, CA.

Community Markets in Santa Rosa-1899 Mendocino, Santa Rosa, CA. & Sebastopol 6762 Sebastopol Rd.

Oliver's in Santa Rosa (2) & Cotati.-
Cotati- 546 East Cotati Ave. Cotati, CA.
Montecito-560 Montecito Center, Santa Rosa, CA.
Stony Point-461 Stony Pt. Road, Santa Rosa, CA.

And last but not least, Driver's Market in 200 Caledonia St. Sausalito, CA.

Come out and try some at one of our demos on the following days:
Check this link for days and times:

Friday, September 4, 2015

Sale at Other Avenues~

Hey!  There will be a 20% off sale at Other Avenues in the Sunset district of SFrancisco running from September 14th through October!
I will be doing a demo on Monday September 21st from 3:0-5:30pm for herbal spices/sprinkles.
Come try them and feel better~
3930 Judah St. SF, CA. 94122


Sunday, August 2, 2015

~Almost on Vacation NEW REMEDY Announcement~

Ok ok I know I said I was going on vacation, almost.  By tomorrow I will be totally vacating for at least a week, then I come back into the swing of things.  For now, I have a new remedy to announce that many have been asking me for quite some time:  ALLERGY RELIEF!!!  Phew....took me long enough but I was working on building my store accounts and Spring had already sprung so I wasn't certain about releasing it in summer but I think now's a good time than ever.

I've already tried it and think it's got great potential.  I still need some guinea pigs around Marin to try it out and give feedback before I release it in all stores.  Anyone interested in genuinely trying it and writing down their response can get a free sample.  Otherwise you'll just have to wait till it's on the shelves and go for it!!  It passed my test.  While working with herbs like tonight, sometimes I forget to wear a dust mask as the herbs are dry and can get really dusty, triggering a severe attack of sneezing and running nose.  I decided it was the perfect time to try my new Allergy Relief remedy out and lo and worked!!  Of course I kept working without a mask and triggered more symptoms but I took more remedy and voila, it worked again. Whoo hoo!  Sometimes laziness can be fruitful as it became the opportunity for me to be my own guinea pig!

It's got Reishi Mushroom to help modulate and support your immune system from going haywire, feverfew to help with headaches and sinus pain, goldenrod and stinging nettles to calm the histamine response, calendula to help sooth irritated lining , of nose, throat and sinuses, eyebright to help with watery and irritated eyes and nose, mullein to help with dry sinuses and coughs that result from post-nasal drip.  

Have any questions, curious to try it, ask me:

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Enjoy Your Summer~

The Sultry Gypsy is taking some time off to relax and write movies!  Doesn't mean ya can't go out and try some remedies, they're still there. It just means I won't be doing any demos for a few weeks in August.

So have a great hot exciting or relaxing, whatever you want….Summer~!

Cheers :)  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

~HOT Summer Sale~

No's hot up here in the North Bay!  Some folks are having a hard time sleeping during the hot summer months.
> I have TWO great remedies for sleep and two for stress and sleep.
Gentle Sleep, Painless Sleep (for pain also), Wild Lettuce and Relax~!!~

Come to a demo and try them out during the JULY 20% off sale at the following stores:

Oliver's Montecito  Friday July 17th 4-6:30pm
Oliver's Stony Point Saturday July 18th 1-3:30pm
Oliver's Cotati  Sunday July 19th 1-3:30pm

Driver's Market in Sausalito, CA.
Saturday July 11th 12-2pm
Come out and try some, feel better!~

Cheers, Danya~

You can get a discount from me if you usually shop there and still want it at a 20% discount, I can ship it to you. 
Other Avenues Co-Op in SF

Monday, June 1, 2015

~JUNE Sale 20% at New Leaf Markets~

~The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. will be on sale for the month of JUNE at all New Leaf Markets in the south bay area.
Come out and try some, feel better and save 20% for the month of June~

I will be demonstrating for the JUNE SALE off at the following stores:

ALL New Leaf Markets-
-Half Moon Bay New Leaf June 7th 2-4:30pm
-Boulder Creek New Leaf June 12th 4-6:30pm
-Felton New Leaf June 13th 2-4:30pm
-Downtown Santa Cruz New Leaf June 14th 1-3:30pm
-San Jose Evergreen New Seasons (formerly New Leaf) June 20th 2-4:30pm
-Pleasanton New Leaf June 21st 2:30-5pm
-Westside Santa Cruz New Leaf June 27th 3-5:30pm
-Capitola New Leaf June 28th 2-4:30pm

Come out and try some, feel better and for June, save 20% off retail price :)


Thursday, May 21, 2015

~New Remedy Coming~!

Hello Folks!

I am working on a new remedy that many of you have requested or rather, begged I work on:  Allergy Relief~!~!

I will have a finished batch to test on friendly guinea pigs and then once perfected, I will launch it!!  So SOON…possibly July!  Check back in then…and feel better :)

Thank you,
The ingredients are:  Stinging Nettles, Reishi Mushroom, Goldenrod, Mullein, Eyebright, Feverfew, Calendula. 

~I'm also going to try an experiment and make bitters but since they'll be in sweet tasting glycerin, I will be calling them, 'Bittersweet'.  Cute huh?  ;) hehe….but I think they'll work so long as they have bitter herbs in them.  It will make them a lot easier to take!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

~BIG Sales at Several Stores!~

Hey Folks!
The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. remedies and pain salve will be on sale for 20% off at the following stores in MAY 2015:

1) GOOD EARTH GROCERY- 720 Center Blvd.  Fairfax, CA. 94930

2) SEBASTOPOL COMMUNITY MARKET-6762 Sebastopol Ave.#100, Sebastopol, CA. 95472

3) SANTA ROSA COMMUNITY MARKET-1899 Mendecino Ave. Santa Rosa, CA. 95401

4) SONOMA MARKET-500 West St. Sonoma, CA. 95476

> I will be doing DEMOS during the month of MAY to promote these.  Come and get some and feel better~!

Check the Events & Demo page for demo days and times.

:)  Danya

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

~North Bay DEMOS~

Hello Folks~

I will be demonstrating the remedies at the following North Bay OLIVER'S MARKET stores this weekend:

>>Cotati-  THURSDAY 4 -6pm
546 East Cotati Ave. Cotati, CA.

>>Stony Pt. Santa Rosa SATURDAY 1-3pm
461 Stony Pt. Road, Santa Rosa, CA.

>>Montecito Santa Rosa SUNDAY 2-4pm
560 Montecito Center, Santa Rosa, CA.

Come by and try them if you haven't!  Feel better ~

Thank you,

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Last Minute Demos~

~I will be at Felton NEW LEAF today from @ 1pm-3pm.  Hopefully I can make it later on at Boulder Creek NEW LEAF from @ 4pm-6pm.  Come by and try :)

Felton: 6240 Hwy 9

Boulder Creek: 13159 Central Ave.

Thank you!

Monday, March 30, 2015

~New Store Announcement!~

*As of November 2015, this store is now closed so the account is also closed, c heck out the Where to Buy Products Link and come and try them there! :)


The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. products are now carried in the second Happy Herb Shop in San Francisco in the Castro district located at: 4079 18th St. SF, CA. 94114.  I will post the phone when I get it myself as Cindy just opened the store a few weeks ago~!  Go by and pay the cute little store a visit.  Just be aware that it is near some sex shops for those who might be bothered by that.  It is in a nice neighborhood with lots of shops, one block from Castro/Market St.  Cindy is GREAT at advising on herbal alternatives for quitting smoking, drinking or drugs as well as other issues.
They carry:

Gentle Sleep
Wild Lettuce
Brain Gain
Nerve Ease
Headache Relief+
Fussy Gut Relief
Cramp Ease
Dry Cough
Wet Cough
Anti-Viral Support


~WORKING ON~ New Remedy~

Hello Folks! Right now I'm working on making a new remedy for the end of Spring. This will be, 'Allergy Support or Relief' I haven't decided what I'm going to call it but it will be for alleviating or lessening the symptoms of allergies by reducing histamine responses as well as reducing inflammation and calming irritated sinuses. I will let you know when it is ready for purchase. I may need some testers when I am finished to see how well it works! If you're interested, contact me here:  Email Link and I can give you a bottle to try. In exchange I would want you to document your responses and any reduction in symptoms you may have while using the new remedy.

Thanks and let you know soon! Danya~

Thursday, March 12, 2015

~Herb Sprinkle Demo~

I will be at the Sebastopol Community Market on 6762 Sebastopol Rd. in Seb.  on Friday March 13th, 4-6pm demonstration with samples of fruit/veggies for my herb sprinkles.  Come out and try them!  :)

See you there! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

~Demo @ Santa Rosa Community Market~

I will be doing a demo at Santa Rosa Community Market on Wednesday at 4:30pm at 1899 Mendocino Ave. Santa Rosa, CA.   Come try the remedies and feel better!


Friday, January 16, 2015

~Wellness Weekend @ Oliver's Market~

Greetings Folks!

I almost forgot to mention that I will be doing demos all weekend long at all 3 Oliver's Markets in Cotati & Santa Rosa.  I have about 7-8 remedies in each market and small pain salves.

EVERYTHING in the Wellness Dept. is 25% off including The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. products!!!  Since they already charge a lower price ($11.99).  than other stores, it's a really great time to try them, a really great deal!!

Times and Days:

1/16-Cotati Oliver's Market 546 E. Cotati Ave. Cotati          Friday 1-4pm
1/17-Stony Point Oliver's Market 461 Stony Pt. Rd SRosa.   Saturday 2-5pm  (Casino after ;)
1/18- Montecito Oliver's Market 560 Montecito Center SRosa  Sunday 4-6pm

Come check the remedies out and try one!

10th Year Anniversary in Stores~Sale to Celebrate!

Hello Folks! Happy Fall  Ever typical of me, late late late... The 10th year anniversary of my business getting into it's first stores, ...