Monday, July 14, 2014

~Yet Another Store & Another Sale~

My newest store Other Avenues has put my products on sale for their introduction to people who shop there.  They are at a really good price, $10.69 versus the normal $12.99 price (which is still pretty good I'm told ;)

Go and check out The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co.'s products at Other Avenues Co-Op at 3930 Judah St. San Francisco, CA. 94122.  415-661-7475.
Website for Other Avenues

Products carried there are:

Gentle Sleep
Painless Sleep
Wild Lettuce
Brain Gain
Nerve Ease
Migratory Pain Relief
Fussy Gut Relief
Cramp Ease

They also carry my food sprinkles:

Savory Nettle Sprinkle
Eastern Sweets

Yay!!  Go and check them out :)

Thank you.

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