Wednesday, August 17, 2022

~Introducing: CHOFFEE!!~

I have a new product I want to start making & selling online. I recently got off coffee this year. It was hard and I had those insane headaches with pulsating nerves happening but mostly difficult because I love the taste of it and LOVE the creamer I put in addiction. Together it's bliss & keeps my demons at bay. Seriously! I went most of my life without drinking much coffee due to getting heart palpitations and increased body & joint pain from it, despite liking the flavor and despite only having really getting hooked on it for the previous 3yrs due to fatigue. Ironically, caffeine drains your adrenals over time so in the long run it didn't help my lagging energy but in a crunch it did the trick. So I knew I had to find a way to get off of coffee either way.

But as we know, nature abhors a vacuum so I went looking for something I could replace it with. A warm, savory, nutty acidic drink that I could look forward to in the morning, or whenever and an excuse to use my almond milk CREAMER!!! 

I know there are other herbal coffee substitutes out there but they have never really satisfied me so I went about creating my own. I think I've found something that maybe others will like and will begin to experiment making new flavors on top of the base 'Choffee©'. That's the goofy name I made up as a combination of Chicory & Coffee...
I have some ideas for a chocolate mint, extra bitter (with bitter herbs), chocolate & turmeric and so on. 

I will make an announcement when I have 1/2 lb bags for sale. I'm just letting people know it's something I'm working and so far, really good! I enjoy it as often as I can not worrying that I'm drinking something that's too acidifying for my blood or too pro-inflammatory. Now I just have to watch my creamer consumption!

Summer 2022

Thursday, June 10, 2021


ON HOLD! I am working on whether or not I need to change my business name or not. I’d rather not, was ready to, got the name/domain but alas…I just really like it so I’m testing some waters. Will update soon! 

Have faith…it’s all good. :)



❤️ In the coming months, I am changing the fabulous name of my business from, The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co....To Artemis Herb Co.Link for Artemis Herb Co! (sad I know) 😔. Big hard changes may be necessary to adapt to the world as it is. 

It’s not as though I don’t love the name, I truly do. It’s been a name that spoke to my heart and came from me to the world, but in the spirit of being sensitive to cultural shifts in our consciousness the word ‘gypsy’ is less and less considered respectful or politically correct, to use that annoying term properly. Read links below. 
Overall most people have responded very positively to the name over 9yrs in business. But a couple of times it came up that it was considered an outdated or inappropriate name.
So the last thing I would ever do would be to participate in the degradation of any cultural group, period. I still relate to the word, people in the past thought of me as a gypsy soul (read my piece on it here 'The Gypsy Thing') and have called me one for years, plus as a mixed Armenian woman there is a long history of the Roma/Lom being in Armenia and assimilating quite well to where it was hard to distinguish them from Armenians.  Armenia may have been one of the only countries to fully accept the Roma/Lom people and not persecute them. Many were run out with many others by the Seljuk Turks.

Link about: Armenian Lom aka 'Gypsies'

Nevertheless I want to be respectful as well expand the business to go beyond me and my experiences, out to the world and feel that Artemis Herb succinctly does that. Or more so.

So changes will be occurring over the next few months as I sort out all the logistics of a name change. I have changed it with the city/country and got the website years ago for the new name, but for now it’s still The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. will transform, grow and expand into something hopefully more exciting. I will be adding new products & even considering taking several popular remedies now and turning them into pill form for longer lasting results.  We'll see!

Cheers and than you for sticking with me! If you have any ideas you'd like to see, reach out~ :)


Sunday, March 14, 2021

 Products In Stock as of 4/23/23 (wow it’s 2023?! Sounds like a sci-if movie~) 

I’m mid production right now and will have all remedies by end of April. Although I will be low on Relax but I do have them now!  I have some 1 & 2oz pain salves also. I am constantly making new body butter, just ask if I have any in stock. Cheers and thank you! :D  

I am OUT of lip balm due to a manufacturer's booboo (*me) so I have to make a new batch. 
I will be making more Rose & Cedarwood Body Butter soon! 
I have some Eastern Sweets & Savory Nettle.
Cheers and thanks for checking in~
Please Take Note of This Below>>>
FYI- Re: new PayPal policy>>If you buy anything that I don't have in stock and I have to refund you, I will lose the PayPal fee that I paid despite there being a reduction in the total where normally it would be refunded to me, they no longer do that.  So please take note of what I have in and out of stock on my website.  
Normally I make a note of it on my website what I have in stock so if someone does that without noticing and orders anyways, I will have to make up the difference when I refund you.  It's a small part of the PayPal fee system I am charged every time I make a sale. 
>>I will update my blog when I have new product in. Until then I'm out of the above.  Apologies.  Thank you :)
>>I will be making new body butter & lip balm SOON!! Check back...

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Taking a week off to heal~

As of April 9th through April 18th, I'm taking this time off to recover from feeling ill myself and won't be making any deliveries or shipping anything at this time.  I have been making so many trips out to deliver product and work at my grocery store job that I have gotten sick a few times in small ways.  To prevent it from becoming something bigger, I'm taking this time off to recover and heal.

If you need anything and they have stock, check out the stores that carry my products: Good Earth (Fairfax & Tam Valley), Community Market (Santa Rosa & Sebastopol), Ukiah Co-Op, Trillium Herb in Ukiah (formerly Happy Herb) and Driver's Market.

If you need something from me, please try me after April 17th so I have time to heal.
Yes I take my own herbs (and Oscillococcinum-my goto for flus)  but exposing myself over has worn me down, plus some odd stuff is going around so it may be stronger that what we're. used to.  Thus I rest.  :). Be well and safe.

Thank you for understanding.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

During these times~March 2020

Greetings herbal fans,

Firstly I hope everyone out there is well and safe during this intensely tragic and challenging time dealing with a fierce virus around the world. It's surreal but it is real. So Please stay safe~
Secondly, I am still fulfilling small orders online as well as delivering/sending orders to my 7 store accounts.  Please check with them first and then me if you can.
(Good Earth(Fairfax&TamValley, Driver's Market, Community Market(Sebastopol&Santa Rosa), Ukiah Co-Op & Trillium Herb(formerly Happy Herb in Ukiah).

I so appreciate the support, the business and positive words coming from you about my products.  It means a lot!


Fussy Gut, Brain Gain, Cramp Ease, Wild Lettuce, Headache Relief+, Gentle Sleep, Relax, Nerve Ease and Women's Libido.
I am FULLY OUT of Painless Sleep. 

I have the following immune remedies but am sending a LOT of orders out so am limiting people to ONE of each immune item during Corona Virus and hopefully I will have them the moment you order.  Most of them do however goto stores and they should be limiting customers to one each.
Second Immunity, Anti-Viral, Dry Cough, Wet Cough & Allergy Relief.
I am making new batches of: pain salve (1&2oz), lip balm and rose/cedarwood body butter this weekend.

Be well, sleep well and love each other weller ;) Look after each other!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Long Awaited Online Price Increase~

It's been 5 years since I launched The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co© in January of 2013.  I designed and created remedies since 2012 and started selling at two Marin County Farmer's Markets with remedies being only $11 and $11.99 or 12 in the stores.  Since then I've gotten in many stores, some accounts fell by the wayside and others have held strong.  The best accounts I still have 👌
I have only raised the prices online once and that was after they were introduced at $11 at the market, otherwise they have been the same literally online, for 5 years, at $12/a bottle.
I recently raised the following remedies at the stores to suggest, $13.49
So with that I am raising the online prices of:   To $13/bottle.
This oughta hold for awhile.  It's a small change but one that makes it a tad easier to make a living...although I need to expand, just need a studio space to do that in 😉
Until then it oughta do.

Cheers and thanks for all the support~

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Demo ~

Hello Folks~

Been awhile....I'll be doing a demo at the Sebastopol Community Market tomorrow Sunday July 29th, at 2:30-5:30pm. 
Come and try some remedies, feel better~


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New Summer Batch~

Greetings Folks~

For those who have been waiting for the green light, I will be bottling a new round of remedy batches this coming July.  By the 1st week in July I should have ALL of the remedies.  I will have a full stock of everything but Cramp Ease. I have a handful of those and will be pressing a new batch in mid-July, ready then. 
Otherwise everything else will be ready by 1st week in July~
Same with PAIN SALVES~!
Cheers and thanks for waiting~

Monday, February 12, 2018

~Out of Town~Notice

Hello Folks,

While I don't do it often I do need to get physically away from the homestead and business to actually take a break.  So I will be out of the state for 3 weeks starting February 12th through March 9th( I will post a note if so).

If you live in the Bay Area, contact one of the stores to see if they have it and buy it there, otherwise hang in there till early March and then you can order.  I will post a note when I am home or simply remove this one to let people know I'm able to send out orders.

Thank you SO much for understanding.  I'm doing a health retreat that I've been longing to do for 5+ years and finally able to do! Whoo-hoo!  Let's hope it is exactly what I need to continue on my journey toward wellness.  Gawd I sound like a nu-ager~! haha....

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Demo at Alameda Natural Grocery

The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. will be demonstrating at the Alameda Natural Grocery store on Sunday Aug. 12th from 1-3pm at 1650 Park Ave., Alameda, CA. 94501

Come down and try some remedies, feel better~


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Heat and Hydration~

Greetings Folks~

It's already a super hot summer and just about half way through.  We've got some more heat coming our ways so take care of yourselves during this heat wave. During weather like this, it is VITALLY important to stay hydrated. Minerals are the backbone of many of our body's systems and require them to function normally.  If you want to learn more about minerals and hydration while tasting samples from various companies like Source Naturals, Natural Vitality, Oxylent and Blue Bonnet come check out my informational talk about minerals and hydration at DRIVER'S MARKET in Sausalito on July 27th from 7-8:30pm.

Cheers!  Stay cool and well fueled.
See you then~

~Introducing: CHOFFEE!!~

I have a new product I want to start making & selling online. I recently got off coffee this year. It was hard and I had those insane he...