Herbal Pain Relief

*This page is dedicated to finding some pain relief through herbal medicine.  I am focusing specifically on herbal pain relief to help provide a gentle alternative to heavier drug use when possible.  Of course, it's best to not only work with your practitioner, discussing all options but listen to your body, find what works in a gentle way.  Nothing here is meant to work in the same manner as a narcotic or pharmaceutical drug, masking symptoms but help aide your body's nervous system and provide gentle pain relief.  I truly hope it helps people~ Danya.

                          ~Soothing Pain Salve~  

The Soothing Pain Salve is a wonderful luxurious and pleasant smelling pain salve that both works on nerve pain with St. John's Wort, Calendula & Jamaican Dogwood while soothing sore muscles with Arnica, Cinnamon & Ginger.  The dual Devil's Club & Claw help with Rheumatic & joint pain in the knees and low back.  Turmeric helps with inflammation and general pain relief.  And like it says, a little goes a long way because it's very concentrated ….so you only need a small amount and don't need to waste anymore.  It's especially useful in cold winter months as our body tenses up from the weather. Any differentiation in color has to do with when the St. John's, the main herb used, is harvested and infused in the olive oil.  If you are lucky enough to infuse the flowers while still fresh and put the jar in the warm sun…the oil will turn a wonderful deep red color.  If you crush the yellow flowers in your fingers, it will turn them a purplish red hue!

Pain Salve Sizes-

                                                    Pain Salve cooling

Pain Salve Mix Melting

Pain Salve Cooling 

*These are the herbal remedies that focus on pain relief.   By helping to calm the nervous system by relaxing and supporting nerves, the body can then reduces it's pain signals and stop over-firing the wrong messages which can put a body in constant pain.  There are natural analgesics (pain reliever) in these formulas which are meant to be gentler than drugs.  I try and cover the main types of pain here from menstrual and gut cramps to all over nerve and body pain to headaches.  Of course, it's always best to read about what you're taking, work with a knowledgable licensed medical practitioner, esp. for severe pain that does not respond to herbal remedies. I hope these can provide any amount of relief~ Thank you, Danya.  

Nerve Ease was designed for all over pain that is caused by an overactive nervous system as well as nerve pain that tends to radiate.  With Cat's Claw, Skullcap, Jamaican Dogwood, Cal Poppy & Lemon Balm helping to calm over active nerves.  Wild Lettuce and St. John's helps sooth painful nerves and provides a calming effect. And Gotu Kola & Nettles providing some additional support and help with well being and supporting the mental faculties. It's an experiment in herbal remedy's ability in helping with all over nerve and body pain. 

Migratory Pain Relief & Detox is like an herbal aspirin in that it contains salicylic acid, the key ingredient in aspirin found in white willow bark and meadowsweet.  It is combined with additional pain relieving herbs such as Jamaican dogwood, Devil's Claw & Club and Wild Lettuce.  It also has nervines that help relax the nervous system which in turn calms the pain response.  Along with detoxifying herbs such as Dandelion and Milk Thistle that help an overburdened liver process what taxes it, which can cause headaches and pain.  This would also make a great hangover remedy!

Finally a good and gentle, non-drug pain remedy for menstrual cramps!  Cramp Ease contains cramp bark which as it says is especially helpful for any kind of lower gut/uterine cramping.  It contains natural aspirins from White Willow and Meadowsweet along with Red Raspberry and Damiana to help support the uterus.  As mentioned in other formulas, the nervines and sedatives like Passionflower, Skullcap and Wild Lettuce help aid the body to relax under the pressure of pain which then calms the firing of the nervous system in response to this pain, thereby reducing it.

One of my most successful and favorite remedy's is helpful for most gut and digestive problems: Fussy Gut Relief.  For lower gut and small intestine pain due to irritable bowel or food allergies, this remedy is very effective at not only calming the pain with white willow and meadowsweet but also soothing inflamed tissues thanks to marshmallow and slippery elm.  These herbs also help with soothing inflamed stomach tissue due to heartburn and indigestion, along with Meadowsweet ability to reduce acid production.  Skullcap and lemon balm help calm muscle spasms and the nervous system which can exacerbate pain, as our nervous systems are the command center of our bodies, but along with valerian help calm the person suffering from this discomfort.  Last but not least, Calendula helps soothes and heals irritated gut lining.

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  1. I love this product-- best natural pain salve ever. Unique combination of natural ingredients... I recommend it highly and give it to my friends and family to help them too.

    1. Thanks Matthew! I'm glad you get some benefit from it :)


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