Thursday, March 27, 2014

~SALE & Market Day~

Hello Folks!

I apologize to anyone who came to the Mill Valley market last Friday and expected to see The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. there. I was out sick with real mean flu that came on SUPER fast…watch out for this one!

...I will be there this Friday, March 28th from 9:30-2:30pm.

~My TWO-OUNCE PAIN SALVES will be on SALE normally at, $13 to $12.  So you're saving $2 dollars for two ounces rather than paying $14 for two 1 ounces tins~

Also, I made two new batches of Eastern Sweets Cinnamon sprinkles and Nettle Savory Sprinkles. I will be sampling fruit with the cinnamon sprinkle.

See you there!
:)  Cheers and thank you for the ongoing support and belief in my products!
Be well.

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