Other Creative Endeavors

A small collection of my poems were recently accepted and have been published in an anthology by Lady Chaos Press out of Los Angeles.  Here is the announcement:

Here is the book:

I'm looking forward to seeing and reading my copy of this anthology.  

I made this instructional DVD for my teacher friend Dhyanis in 2010.  It's a great basic bellydance instruction video for beginners and quite a workout!

Here is a link to purchase it and find out more about Dhyanis, her clothing line and  her workshops on bellydancing:   Click here to purchase bellydance video and check out Dhyanis' website.

For fun, here is the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) resume' list of a few films I worked on while living in LA. CLick here:> IMDB Resume/Film Work Link:

Someday I will start my own production company, Firestarter Films©2001DM and start directing my films.  For now I'm focused on writing them and making short films with a local SF Meetup, Independent Short Filmmaking Meetup in SF.  So far it's going good!

More Coming Soon, I hope ;)

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