Thursday, November 21, 2013

~DEMO Announcement & Seasonal Products~

Hello Folks. A few announcements of seasonal items~

I'll be at GOOD EARTH GROCERY in Fairfax at 720 Center Blvd.  tonight, Thursday Nov. 21st from 3-7pm doing a DEMO.
>>I'll also be there on Dec. 7th and 8th from 3pm-7pm doing more DEMOS.
It's a good time to check out the products and taste them first hand and learn more.

The day after Thanksgiving I will be at the Mill Valley Farmer's Market and will have some seasonal specials for sale….Just for a limited time. Sorry if anyone came out on Friday Nov. 22nd, I ended up with a 24 hr bug.
Back to work and back to making products!
~ I have a lovely Jasmine/Green Tea face cream, Lemongrass & Peppermint Salt Scrub and a SUPER yummy lemon curd and a Gentle Winter Tea.  Come check them out! ~~~

Hope to see you there :)

Friday, November 1, 2013


Hello folks :)

Starting tomorrow I have a new remedy that was just pressed last night and will be for sale this Friday at the Mill Valley farmer's market near CVS.  It's the Women' Libido formula, 'Inner Tornado' that I created last month.  It is now ready for experimentation!  Only one way to find out.  ;)
Since it's a new remedy I'm going to offer it for $10 a bottle for a short introduction period.  I have a feeling it's going to work out well and become a favorite of many; A safe, gentle and natural way to enhance a woman's libido.

I also made two new batches of my sprinkles, 'Eastern Sweets' which is a big seller and the really tasty, 'Nettle & Dill' Sprinkle.  Yum! I will be sampling cucumbers and fruit for each sprinkle, so come down if you want to try them.  

$7/Eastern Sweets        $6.50/Nettle Sprinkle

See you there :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

~DEMO~ New Store

~So since this post I am now part of Driver's market.  The demo was not a trial period but the start of a new account! :D
So as of right now, there are 6 remedies and 1oz small pain salves at Driver's.
These are them:
-Fussy Gut
-Nerve Ease
-Gentle Sleep
-Second Immunity

Come on down, it's a really nice new store!


Hello Folks, I will be doing a Demo and promoting The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. remedies at Driver's Market in Sausalito, CA. this Saturday, October 12th from 12-4.

Come down and try the remedies and check out this new market that's moved into the former Real Foods location on Caledonia St.
Driver’s Market
200 Caledonia St.,
Sausalito, CA
United States 94965
Here is the link to their store:  Driver's Market

Thanks for the support!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

~New Remedy~

Announcing an exciting new remedy that will be ready in one month at the farmer's market, online and hopefully in stores=
An Alcohol-Free herbal women's libido formula!!

Let's hope this works because if it does....FINALLY women will have an herbal aide in their corner that can help effectively stimulate their libidos naturally and gently.  I know there are other formulas out there but so far nothing has stood out above the rest as super effective so I'm giving it a shot.  Although a tasty feast followed by an amazing conversation PLUS a good backrub and doing the dishes really helps raise the roof on the libido....
But at this point, it's all I got here at The Sultry Gypsy!! Try it and give feedback in short! ;)


Muira Puama is a South American herb that helps tonify the sexual organs AND the nervous system as well as brings blood flow to the genital areas, thereby increasing sensation and nerve sensitivity. Source for Muira Puama
Shatavari in an Indian herb that acts as a demulcent to help the body make moisture so as to prevent dryness, especially and ideally vaginally.  It also helps balance the hormones and supports female reproductive organs. Source for Shatavari
Horny Goat Weed.  Enough said but still, it does help to relax smooth muscle movements and relax the mind and body as well calm the nervous system. Source for Horny Goat Weed
Damiana is a Mexican herb that tonifies and supports women's sexual organs and supposedly, helps with orgasm by increasing oxygen to the lower regions, thereby also helping with digestion! Source for Damiana
Nettles helps keep circulating Testosterone IN the system longer thereby directly supporting the libido. Source for Nettle
Passionflower is a soothing nervine that supports and tones the nervous system which can be great for relaxing tension and stress in people thereby helping to quell any tension that precedes sexual encounters.  It also contains Chrysin which helps prevent the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen thereby dampening the moods for both men and women, although this formula is designed for women it can be used by either sex. Source for Passionflower
Gingko Biloba helps all over circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, aiding in memory, focus and naturally helping to bring blood flow to the sexual organs as well. Source for Gingko
American Ginseng helps with stamina and energy as well as increases the libido by way of the hypothalamus. Source for American Ginseng
Eleuthero (formerly knowns as Siberian Ginseng but isn't a Ginseng) helps with stamina and energy. It's known as an adaptogen which helps the body combat stress and fatigue. Source for Eleuthero
And lastly, Chocolate or Cacao Nibs (without sugar) are added because really....chocolate makes EVERYTHING better as well increases endorphins (the feel good neurotransmitters) and that alone is an aphrodisiac in itself!

Hope it helps :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

~Market Days~

*As of 7/14, I am no longer in any Farmer's Markets because it was too much to do that and focus on getting into stores, which I have and will be in 18 by the end of February 2016~  
Cheers and thanks for coming to the market and supporting my work, Danya

~ I am working hard on getting into more stores.  As of right now The Sultry Gypsy Products are at The GOOD EARTH in Fairfax and at the MV Farmer's Market, until otherwise notified. This coming market on Friday in MV, I will have more of the 'Eastern Sweets' sprinkle AND Painless Sleep in stock after it's out for a month.  Come and try the herb sprinkles!  Hope to see you there!

And of course, don't be shy to try the 'Nettle Sprinkle''s great on egg dishes, salads, soups, toast with any kind of cheese spread as well as sushi and other vegetable dishes.  

Oh and I also have a similar Tea version of the 'Relax' formula without the Cacao Nibs, St. John's, Eleuthero and Holy Basil because it's more of a super relaxing night time tea without any adaptogens for daytime stress and without stimulants like chocolate but is very relaxing and tasty! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

~New Product~

YUM!!  Introducing my latest product, 'Eastern Sweets'.   A slightly sweet, slightly spicy sprinkle made from Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cardamom & Tumeric.

Cinnamon Verum (true cinnamon) is good for helping with lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, Cinnamon Lourarii tastes sweet without adding any sugar.  Cardamom is helpful with digestive disturbances, gas and oral health.  Nutmeg is also good for digestion, mental clarity and oral hygiene.
Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cardamom all have some anti-bacterial benefits to them. Ginger is wonderful at lowering inflammation, bringing heat and circulation to the body helping in the repair of injuries and illness as well as having anti-bacterial properties.
Tumeric is well-known for it's anti-inflammatory properties along with blood cleansing and is helpful in fighting Alzheimer's.

This sprinkle is not only good for you but it tastes great.  It's reminiscent of eastern cuisine and is good on just about anything that one would put cinnamon such as fruits, yogurt, meats, root vegetables as well as in smoothies.  


And of course I still have and just made a new batch of my Nettle & Dill Sprinkle.  This one is great for providing an extra boost of minerals and flavor without a lot of salt.  The fruity background of Ginger compliments the earthiness of Nettle, Dill and Seaweed.  
Yum! Come try them at the Farmer's Markets! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

UPdate and Announcement!!

Hello Folks!

So it is with great pleasure I tell those reading this, that my products (most of them anyhow) will now be carried on the shelves of Good Earth on a regular basis!! Yay! I'm very happy and excited about this opportunity and hope to make a good run of it.

On another note...these things must be addressed.  Being that my products are 100% natural the risk of something going bad is higher than that of products with chemical preservatives.  Therefore sometimes it does, happen.  Lately a few of my almond meal face scrub have been returned due to molding :(  boo....I'm not entirely surprised as this is my most food-based product and does run somewhat of a risk of molding.  I have yet to perfect it although have in different batches.  This last batch was obviously a bust.  Therefore if you bought one of my face scrubs directly from me (as opposed to Good Earth where you can return it there) and it went moldy,  please notify me and I will refund your money no problems.
It's something I will continue working on as it's a good product and people like it, including myself.  I just refuse to put chemicals in there so I'm going to have to sort this one out.  I know I have before, I must have increased the honey without realizing the outcome.  Hopefully people understand this.

Let me know.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back to Market, jiggity jig!

After a short hiatus to rest and focus on getting my products into Good Earth for a trial run, I'm heading back to market.  I will be at the Mill Valley Farmer's Market near CVS this Friday, June 14th from 10-2:30pm, Friday June 21st and at Sausalito on Sunday June 23rd from 10-3pm.

I will keep the website updated as to when I will be at future markets.

Hope to see you there :)

Product Info:
I have two sleep remedies now, one for sleep and pain relief and one just for sleep!

I have new batches of all my yummy rich body butter!!!  Come check it out and try some.....:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

*DEMO* In Fairfax

Hello folks!

I will be doing a demo at The Good Earth in the bodycare dept. on Friday June 7th, from 3pm-6pm to show my wares and give out samples.  If you're interested in trying before buying this is the perfect time to come down and try things out.

Thank you :)

The next demo will probably be in the following two weeks.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. products will be on the shelves of The Good Earth food store in Fairfax, CA. for a month trial run.  If the products do well, they will be kept on as regular items in the store.
This is a great opportunity for me as I want to be on shelves of stores as the ultimate goal so if you are interested in supporting me and my products, please consider visiting The Good Earth during June and trying out my products.

I will also be doing two demo's there and listing the information here whence I am given a scheduled time.  Hope to see people there!

Thank you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Danya and The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. Will NOT be at either farmer's market for two weeks,  starting April 28th-May 15th (missing May 3rd, 10th at Mill Valley and April 28th, May 5th, 12th at Sausalito).

Hopefully people will check back with me after May 15th for any products they may need.  Once I'm back I will be focused on getting my products on GOOD EARTH HEALTH FOOD STORE's shelves for a trial run!  Please check their shelves after the 20th for my products :D  I will post a notification for this announcement!

I am also working on connecting with Naturopaths and other holistic practitioners to sell my products to their clients and am looking for local stores to carry mine in addition to Good Earth!

I appreciate the support and patronage over the last few months and hope this continues.  Just need a super break right I can come back recharged!!

*If you need a product while I'm away, please email me otherwise we can resume everything once I'm back.

Thank you!  Feel well.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Update for the Weekend of April 5th-7th, 2013

Just wanted to let anyone know who may be following my posts...that I will be at the Mill Valley Farmer's Market tomorrow, Friday April 5th from 10am-2pm near the CVS/Whole Foods parking lot.
And OF COURSE weekly at the Sausalito Farmer's Market, weather permitting, from 10-3pm.

I have new bottles of the Nettle Savory Sprinkle at $5.00 per 4oz. Which is selling REALLY well!! Thank you for checking it out.

Two 'Relax' tins with tea for $9.00
And a new glycerite for sleep, 'Gentle Sleep Aide'....Let's hope this one really helps folks! $12.00/ounce.

Hope to see folks there :D Thank you!

Pardon any spelling or grammatical errors....I am literally doing EVERYTHING in this business myself and am realizing why people parcel out tasks....mistakes due to fatigue and such things! Hah...So bear with me folks while I sort it all out.  Thank you! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Announcing New Products: Herb Sprinkle & Relaxing Tea!!

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to let you know that I have come up with two new herbal products, Herb Sprinkle: Nettle & Dill flavored and a Relaxing blend tea.

In school we learned we could create spice condiments with various herbal plants.  So I decided to give it a shot and came up with this recipe.  Well today, March 22nd, at the Mill Valley Farmer's Market, I sold 4 jars of it!  So I think it's a potential hit!
I will have 2 at Sausalito and will be carrying these from now on in smaller jars.  Please check it out!
They can be sprinkled on bagels and any cream cheese, soups, salads, stir fry and well, any dish you think could use a boost of flavor AND minerals.  *This remedy is HIGH in minerals thanks to Nettles and Seaweed.  It is $6.50 per 6oz, $5.00 for 4oz.

This Relaxing blend tea, is based on the Relax glycerite formula but in loose tea form.  There is a lot of herb in this small container.  Steep anywhere from 1 small tea strainer to 1 tablespoon for 3-5 minutes for desired effect.  Remember to make sure you allow time to actually relax and be where you won't have to do anythinglike drive or put yourself at risk, as sometimes it can make some people drowsy.  Mostly it's meant to help support and calm your nervous system from the ravages of stress.*  It is $10.00 per tin which has 2.7 grams of herb in them. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This (these) products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co.'s:
New Line of Natural Bodycare!

Greetings newcomers!
Thank you for visiting my page.  As you can see I'm still building everything, having only just launched in January of this year, 2013.
(*Click here to read 'About Me' & learn more about my history & training)

I've been working at the Farmer's Markets listed below and hopefully in time as things grow, as the weather warms up, I will be working more markets as well as getting my products hopefully on store shelves ( the goal).

-Marin County Markets: 

Mill Valley off Blithedale near CVS on alternate Fridays-- (This coming Friday, April 5th ) 10-3pm 
Sausalito on Sundays at 10am-3pm at Dunphy Park. (regularly except when it rains)

As for purchasing products online, I literally just created a Pay Pal account and this wonderful option to be able to purchase products online.  Give me a bit o' time to get it all working and figured out, then I can started selling things through the mail and sending them out :)
I look forward to helping people feel better naturally!

Thank you again for visiting! Hope to see you at a Market nearby.


Happy Spring~In Stock!

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