Thursday, May 8, 2014

~Back to Market, Jiggity Jig & NEW STORE ANNOUNCEMENT!~

Hello Folks…I'm back from my rest and vacation.  I am still wiped out and in need of more rest but the show must go on so I'm back to makin'.
>I will be at the Mill Valley Farmer's Market this Friday, May 9th.  10am-2:30pm

I will have some SALE remedies that will expire by the end of this year discounted to $10/ounce (from 12) as well as new batches of body butter, salt scrub, lip balm and all the other regularly priced remedies.  Come check things out! :D


The other announcement is….I just got into the Pleasanton New Leaf location!!  They will have the following remedies there:
Gentle Sleep
Painless Sleep
Women's Libido
Fussy Gut Relief
Nerve Ease
Cramp Ease
Second Immunity

Little by little…we grow!

Link to: New Leaf Locations~!

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