Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A poem to welcome Fall.

Greetings, I'm looking forward to Fall as it's starting to emerge.  The grace and calmness of Autumn really helps to settle the soul and unrest we may have from the excitement of summer.  It's a time to go inward and become a bit more grounded, take on healing in different way and work on projects that may be close to home that were pushed to the side while flitting about during the heat of summer months. Here is a poem I wrote awhile ago to welcome Fall.  Enjoy it. 
Hope your summers were fun and your health is strong.  Fall is a great time to start building up reserves again and cooling down from an excess heat which can keep us up late at night, minds buzzing like bees.  Time to build our immunities and inner strength for the coming seasons of introspection.
Happy Autumn. 

Beckon Me. 
As Fall may finally be peeking it's head out…I am ready for it and waiting.  
I need the softness it begets in me, the intimacy it summons. 
In the mean months of Summer, I swell with confusion, lost in my body's resistance to stay outward and flit about.  
From the dark underbelly of the earth, this change in season, grows upwards in a slow crawl of secrecy, seducing us in it's subtle arrival.  I lavish it's return. 
The sweet smell of plant life sticks in the air, flowing through me and leaving it's trace around my face.  
A smile grows, not unlike the smile of a wolf as it walks through a quiet forest. 
My soul feels welcomed at last…by something.  Home perhaps? 
Quieted by the silence this change creates as the earth grows calmer, I grow within. 
The tension in my sides relax, my heart beats in time with the wind and I feel aligned with the world.  Settled.  
Fall is coming, can you feel it? 
It's seeping in. 

Danya Mosgofian 10/18/11

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