Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Eve Greetings and End of Year Summary~

Wow what a year!  It's nearing the end of 2014 and the second full year since launching my herbal business (01/13).  I had two store accounts by October 2013 and by today, I am in 19 different store locations throughout the northern California area; From Ukiah to San Jose and Santa Cruz.

As I say in my 'About Me' section…I created this business for various reasons, one of them being that my health had suffered and was having a devastatingly negative affect on my entire life, esp. my ability to make a living.  Things were not looking good and I didn't know how I would pull out of it.  Honestly.  So I set out to recreate myself and in the process created The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co.  and my line of Alcohol-Free Herbal Formulas and Soothing Pain Salve :)
And to my relief and joy it is taking hold and growing wonderfully!  Even though I still have some health issues that bother me, I now have this fledgling business that is giving me a hopeful future and I enjoy what I do! It's been tough times for many of us but I think slowly we are coming out of it intact, moving in good directions from what I can see.
Thank YOU all for the support and faith in my company and what I make.

I'm proud but moreover some of my hope has been restored in these precarious times.  I am glad that my remedies help so many people.  I hope to continue to!

Working hard to make each year better and better is my goal.  I pine for time and space where I can write more often and delve into the arts again.
Health permitting, I also want to start dancing again!!
For the time being…I'm taking this time to rest over this truly cold Bay Area winter we finally have and plan for the coming year=more growth, more healing and more success!  And more arts!

Wishing everyone a warm and safe and thoughtful winter break…and a Happy Heartful New Year's Eve….be well :)



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