Sunday, August 2, 2015

~Almost on Vacation NEW REMEDY Announcement~

Ok ok I know I said I was going on vacation, almost.  By tomorrow I will be totally vacating for at least a week, then I come back into the swing of things.  For now, I have a new remedy to announce that many have been asking me for quite some time:  ALLERGY RELIEF!!!  Phew....took me long enough but I was working on building my store accounts and Spring had already sprung so I wasn't certain about releasing it in summer but I think now's a good time than ever.

I've already tried it and think it's got great potential.  I still need some guinea pigs around Marin to try it out and give feedback before I release it in all stores.  Anyone interested in genuinely trying it and writing down their response can get a free sample.  Otherwise you'll just have to wait till it's on the shelves and go for it!!  It passed my test.  While working with herbs like tonight, sometimes I forget to wear a dust mask as the herbs are dry and can get really dusty, triggering a severe attack of sneezing and running nose.  I decided it was the perfect time to try my new Allergy Relief remedy out and lo and worked!!  Of course I kept working without a mask and triggered more symptoms but I took more remedy and voila, it worked again. Whoo hoo!  Sometimes laziness can be fruitful as it became the opportunity for me to be my own guinea pig!

It's got Reishi Mushroom to help modulate and support your immune system from going haywire, feverfew to help with headaches and sinus pain, goldenrod and stinging nettles to calm the histamine response, calendula to help sooth irritated lining , of nose, throat and sinuses, eyebright to help with watery and irritated eyes and nose, mullein to help with dry sinuses and coughs that result from post-nasal drip.  

Have any questions, curious to try it, ask me:

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