Friday, June 28, 2013

UPdate and Announcement!!

Hello Folks!

So it is with great pleasure I tell those reading this, that my products (most of them anyhow) will now be carried on the shelves of Good Earth on a regular basis!! Yay! I'm very happy and excited about this opportunity and hope to make a good run of it.

On another note...these things must be addressed.  Being that my products are 100% natural the risk of something going bad is higher than that of products with chemical preservatives.  Therefore sometimes it does, happen.  Lately a few of my almond meal face scrub have been returned due to molding :(  boo....I'm not entirely surprised as this is my most food-based product and does run somewhat of a risk of molding.  I have yet to perfect it although have in different batches.  This last batch was obviously a bust.  Therefore if you bought one of my face scrubs directly from me (as opposed to Good Earth where you can return it there) and it went moldy,  please notify me and I will refund your money no problems.
It's something I will continue working on as it's a good product and people like it, including myself.  I just refuse to put chemicals in there so I'm going to have to sort this one out.  I know I have before, I must have increased the honey without realizing the outcome.  Hopefully people understand this.

Let me know.

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