Tuesday, August 6, 2013

~Market Days~

*As of 7/14, I am no longer in any Farmer's Markets because it was too much to do that and focus on getting into stores, which I have and will be in 18 by the end of February 2016~  
Cheers and thanks for coming to the market and supporting my work, Danya

~ I am working hard on getting into more stores.  As of right now The Sultry Gypsy Products are at The GOOD EARTH in Fairfax and at the MV Farmer's Market, until otherwise notified. This coming market on Friday in MV, I will have more of the 'Eastern Sweets' sprinkle AND Painless Sleep in stock after it's out for a month.  Come and try the herb sprinkles!  Hope to see you there!

And of course, don't be shy to try the 'Nettle Sprinkle'...it's great on egg dishes, salads, soups, toast with any kind of cheese spread as well as sushi and other vegetable dishes.  

Oh and I also have a similar Tea version of the 'Relax' formula without the Cacao Nibs, St. John's, Eleuthero and Holy Basil because it's more of a super relaxing night time tea without any adaptogens for daytime stress and without stimulants like chocolate but is very relaxing and tasty! 

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