Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happy Spring~

Happy Early Spring Everyone!~

Even though it's only February, it's already turning Spring. It's been doing that earlier and earlier for several years now.  I won't say and all but it is nice albeit we still need more rain.  Pray for rain :)

I'll be releasing my newest remedy this Spring just in time for allergy season, 'Allergy Relief' that contains:  Stinging Nettles, Reishi Mushroom, Goldenrod, Eyebright, Mullein, Feverfew and Calendula.  Allergy Relief is designed to quell the histamine response while modulating your immune system to prevent it from constantly being stimulated by allergens in the air from the Stinging Nettles and the Reishi Mushroom.  The Eyebright and Mullein help with mucous membranes and the leaky parts while Feverfew helps reduce headache related pain and Calendula helps in supporting the immune system and soothing irritated skin cells.

As of now, Good Earth in both the new Tam Valley store, where The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. products will also be carried and the existing store in Fairfax will be the only stores to carry Allergy Relief until it's been out a month or more.

Look for upcoming demos.

For now check out the Wellness Fair at New Leaf Markets where I will be demo-ing at Westside Santa Cruz on Saturday March 19th from 2-5pm and Sunday March 20th in Pleasanton from 2-5pm as well.  Come down and try some, feel better~


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