Wednesday, August 17, 2022

~Introducing: CHOFFEE!!~

I have a new product I want to start making & selling online. I recently got off coffee this year. It was hard and I had those insane headaches with pulsating nerves happening but mostly difficult because I love the taste of it and LOVE the creamer I put in addiction. Together it's bliss & keeps my demons at bay. Seriously! I went most of my life without drinking much coffee due to getting heart palpitations and increased body & joint pain from it, despite liking the flavor and despite only having really getting hooked on it for the previous 3yrs due to fatigue. Ironically, caffeine drains your adrenals over time so in the long run it didn't help my lagging energy but in a crunch it did the trick. So I knew I had to find a way to get off of coffee either way.

But as we know, nature abhors a vacuum so I went looking for something I could replace it with. A warm, savory, nutty acidic drink that I could look forward to in the morning, or whenever and an excuse to use my almond milk CREAMER!!! 

I know there are other herbal coffee substitutes out there but they have never really satisfied me so I went about creating my own. I think I've found something that maybe others will like and will begin to experiment making new flavors on top of the base 'Choffee©'. That's the goofy name I made up as a combination of Chicory & Coffee...
I have some ideas for a chocolate mint, extra bitter (with bitter herbs), chocolate & turmeric and so on. 

I will make an announcement when I have 1/2 lb bags for sale. I'm just letting people know it's something I'm working and so far, really good! I enjoy it as often as I can not worrying that I'm drinking something that's too acidifying for my blood or too pro-inflammatory. Now I just have to watch my creamer consumption!

Summer 2022

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